Rothbard LOLs – Courtesy Of The SPLC

From the Wiki article on the Ludwig von Mises Institute’s criticisms:

Anotheressay called “Origins of the Welfare State in America”[62] on the Mises Institute website. According to an SPLC Intelligence Report article written by Chip Berlet:

Rothbard blamed much of what he disliked on meddling women. In the mid-1800s, a “legion of Yankee women” who were “not fettered by the responsibilities” of household work “imposed” voting rights for women on the nation. Later, Jewish women, after raising funds from “top Jewish financiers”, agitated for child labor laws, Rothbard adds with evident disgust. The “dominant tradition” of all these activist women, he suggests, is lesbianism.[61]


That quote had me laughing my ass off.  Of course, what Rothbard says is true, as always.

Blunt honesty is never rewarded by leftist institutions.

It should be noted that Rothbard was a Jew himself and opposed any government involvement in sexual matters.