Hotel Chateau de Versailles

The French have turned over part of the Chateau de Versailles to a Belgian company for use as a luxury hotel.  The company promises to restore and upkeep the buildings while putting them to use.

Obviously this is an evil that socialists just can’t abide by.

France24 reports:

But the financial motivation is not reason enough for everyone to justify entrusting one of France’s most prized cultural possessions to a company. In an interview with, Philippe Revault, a professor at the Paris School of Architecture, expressed his indignation. “Once again, it’s economic logic that wins out. In the name of profitability and lack of finances, they’re gambling with a public possession, which by definition is inalienable and must remain accessible to all citizens”, Revault said.

Heaven forbid economic logic wins out.

Sounds like the end of the world is nigh to me.

How much do you think it costs the French tax payer to fund the maintenance of this opulence?