War Without The State Is Impossible


A conflict carried on by force of arms, as between nations or between parties within a nation; warfare, as by land, sea, or air.

I would argue that the definition of War is also a fitting definition of taxation.

The act of taxation is an act of warfare against a nation’s populace by the State through the use of armed conflict.

It is interesting to note that War between nation States can not exist without a State first waging War against its own population through the use of violent expropriation of resources.

It is also interesting to note that War between a “nation” without a State and a nation with a State is impossible.

Let us consider the consequences of such a scenario.

If America was simply a collection of businesses protected by private security, such as Brinks or Arrow Security, what is there to attack? What benefits would an attacking nation gain that it could not gain through trade alone?

Say Russia wanted access to America’s oil. Is it necessary for Russia to attack and invade the US in order to get access to that oil? Wouldn’t they simply buy a plot of oil land and stick a well in the ground?

Say China wanted access to America’s iron ore. Wouldn’t it be easier for China to fund an American entrepreneur to buy and build an iron mine?

What if violent extremists decided to train “terrists” in the hills of Montana and attack China. Would China invade the entire nation to deal with that problem? Wouldn’t it be easier for them to simply buy the land the “terrists” were operating on and have an American private security company deal with them?

If there was no nation State forcibly collecting taxes in America, how would an invading nation take control of the population? Wouldn’t they have to install their own people as a government? What American citizen would recognize the legitimacy of such a government? Since no American would recognize the authority of them, who would obey them?

As we are finding out right now, the reason why we can’t “conquer” Afghanistan is because none of the Afghan people recognize the central government as having any legitimate authority.

If a super power can’t take over a simple country of goat herders because the population doesn’t recognize the government they installed as legitimate, how in the hell could any nation hope to take over the US in a state of anarchy?


War without the State is impossible.

The existence of the State itself is War.

A nation with a State is in a perpetual state of War against its own people.