Why Internet connections are fastest in South Korea


Korean competition

Countries with fast, cheap Internet connections tend to have more competition.

In the U.S., competition among companies that provide broadband connections is relatively slim. Most people choose between a cable company and a telephone company when they sign up for Internet service.

In other countries, including South Korea, the choices are more varied.

  • Actually, the cables are laid down by the government, and taxes regularly pay for communications infrastructure. In addition, the geography of South Korea is literally hundreds of times smaller, but the population is incredibly dense, so internet service is cheaper.

    In the US, internet cables are laid down by private ISPs, and only single companies can use those cables. This increases costs for ISPs, which in turn, increase costs for customers. In addition, populations in the US are spread out.

    In general, the biggest reason for South Korea’s highly developed internet infrastructure is because the government, through taxes supports it. In fact, the biggest reason for South Korea’s economic growth in general is due to policies by their government.