US Tax $ Funds Pedophilia – WikiLeaks

Your tax dollars went to buy underage male prostitutes for Afghan leaders.

The State is a criminal institution of looting thieves.

Thinking that somehow an election can rectify the problems with the State is asinine. All politicians are engaged in spending money that is not their own. All politicians are engaged in taking money through the use of force.

There is only only plausible solution to the endless wars, looting, and criminal behavior – end the State.

Of course, buying little boys for drug dealing warlords is not the only thing the State sees fit to spend your money on – oh no no no.

The largest drug cartel leader in Afghanistan is on the CIA payroll, at least that’s what CBS News is telling me.

By the way, Alex Jones has been talking about Dyncorp buying little kids with tax dollars for YEARS now. Nice to see WikiLeaks vindicate him.