CBO Director: We Are Screwed

Praise Mao

Fox News reports:

The top numbers cruncher for Congress warned Thursday that the federal government increasingly risks sending the country into a “fiscal crisis,” projecting that unless cuts are made, within a decade the national debt could reach nearly 100 percent of all annual economic activity.

That’s like having $50,000 in debt on a $50,000-a-year salary.

Of course, his assessment assumes interest rates will remain at zero, which is utterly ridiculous.

We do not have 10 years, we have ONE year, two tops.

I hope you got gold, guns, and food stored up because the dollar is going away.

When the dollar blows up, there will be nothing with which to intermediate trade and society will devolve into the socialist anarchy the black bloc rioters have been dreaming about since the 1960s.