Unconfirmed Reports Of Serious Radiation Exposure To US Military First Responders

Such reports should be taken with a grain of salt, but it is unusual to see such forum posts as being direct fabrications.

The forum poster says his cousin was on the USS Roosevelt, which is impossible if he was in Japan, since the CVN and the DDG are based out of Northeast and neither is deployed at the moment.

It could be that he is mistaken about which ship his cousin was on, since the USS Ronald Reagan is in the area.

ATS reports:

A cousin within my extended family was on a US Naval Ship that entered into the mess in Japan to help save people who were stranded from the tsunami and clear out some of the initial debris. Him a long with 30 others were sent home almost immediately because of an instant illness that has caused them to continuously vomit, have blood coming out of their ears, and he has lost 25lbs in a matter of days. They were all diagnosed with radiation poisoning and are back in the states in hospitals near their hometowns.

I dont know what else to make of this but the reports that radiation may or may not have been an issue right away in Japan were definitely false. Given the fact that my family member was one of the first responders to the scene it was obviously present from the beginning. I also want to reach out and ask if radiation poisoning is contagious or is it something that can be contained with the right treatment? I know he is in the hospital now but i have not received an update on him since this morning. Your feedback will be appreciated.


I see obviously this thread has created quite a buzz…..my cousin is indeed where i say he is in Japan, I have not yet received any updates but i know that my Uncle has repeatedly contacted the place where he was stationed before he left the states and has received several conflicting reports from various sources there. To me this is a huge conspiracy that our government is covering up. There are numerous articles that have come out since i started this thread and broke the story yesterday before any of the articles that are out now which support my claim….maybe not specifically down to my cousin but supporting the fact that US aide crews on board these ships as well as other members are definitely in serious potential for radiation exposure. However, i know my cousin has experienced this and to all of the doubters what id like to say is this…..Im sure there will be a time whether here on ATS, in your own social or personal life where an issue happens with family and Karma will bite you in the &%$ for competing with me on this issue when it comes to MY family. Someone wont believe you, will question you, and call you out for bs. I say good luck to you.
As most of you family oriented people know when a major issue like this happens within your immediate family relatives fly off the handle, jumble up information and the various characters in your family put their own spin on the story. My initial mistakes on the story are due to just that…getting information from close and distant relatives involved in this story and being so excited i didnt organize and put it into a fully professional manner. I joined ATS for the fact that it seemed like a free forum to exchange information, certain knowledge, talk conspiracy, and potentially make a few online acquaintances in the process. I however didnt know that apparently there have been so many people on here who have abused this system before that everyone will jump down your throat even when its a family related issue.

Like i said before as i get my own proof i will be sharing on this topic and as i find it online i will definitely be posting it on here as well. Happy ATSing….