Use Paper Towels? Go To Jail!

Now I know this guy is a criminal dirt bag, but taking this story at face value, it appears that Murphy was entitled to defend himself against the unwarranted aggression of the police in this instance.

Fox News reports:

ATLANTA, Ga. – A man police say grabbed paper towels from a maintenance cart at a rail station in Atlanta and used them to blow his nose wound up in jail.

A police report says a man identified as Alfred Murphy grabbed the towels at a MARTA station Monday afternoon, and a transit system police officer told him he couldn’t do that.

The report says Murphy said he was entitled to them because he’d paid his fare.

The story then goes on to describe an escalation of violence between the police officer in question and Mr. Murphy.  Murphy refuses to give up the paper towels and an altercation between the cop and Murphy ensues.

If I was Murphy, I probably would have agreed to put down the paper towels and instead farmer blow my nose at the feet of the Stasi enforcer.

This way there is no dispute over property rights and the cop can be disgusted by his own retarded actions.

Win win all around.

Let us not forget who is now paying for the incarceration of Mr. Murphy due to this paper towel dispute.

You are.