Earthquakes Are Electric

They are tantamount to a massive underground lighting strike.

Don’t believe me?

Physicist Wal Thornhill explains:

The missing link between the sunspots and earthquakes is the fact that the electric discharges to the Sun that cause sunspots can also affect the Earth’s ionosphere. The ionosphere forms one “plate” of a capacitor, while the Earth forms the other. Changes of voltage on one plate will induce movement of charge on the other. But unlike a capacitor, the Earth also has charge distributed in rock beneath the surface. And if the subsurface rock has become semi-conducting because of stress, there is an opportunity for sudden electrical breakdown to occur through that rock. We should expect similar processes to occur underground as is found in atmospheric lightning. There will be precursor electromagnetic effects due to the small-scale travelling of charge – rather like “stepped leaders” between cloud and ground. That may be the limit of activity in small tremors. But in a large earthquake, the entire circuit may be involved, from below the Earth, through the atmosphere to the ionosphere. This would explain the massive disturbance of the ionosphere over a large area accompanying a major earthquake.

The mystery of the source of the current is solved – it comes from a charged Earth. And the link with sunspots via the ionosphere is exposed. Subterranean lightning causes earthquakes! Seismic waves are the rumble of underground thunder. The energy released may be equivalent to the detonation of many atomic bombs but only a small proportion need come from the release of strain in the rocks. Most of it comes from the Earth’s stored internal electrical energy.

The latest issue of the IEEE journal, SPECTRUM, features an article based on Freund’s work that looks at ways of predicting earthquakes. Once again, it seems that scientific advances fare better today in the hands of electrical engineers.


Further, we know that satellites are capable of detecting the electromagnetic disturbances of quakes.

Watch this video of the earthquake lights in Japan and then tell me quakes are not an electrical phenomena:

This nonsense about shifting plates and subduction is simply one more lie stacked on the heaps of lies modern cosmology throws at the public.