Democrats Claim Not Raising Debt Ceiling Could Harm US Credit

I feel society has reached the pinnacle of Orwellian logic with this recent report by the Hill:

Democrats are urging Republicans not to jeopardize the economy and the full faith and credit of the nation with talk of voting against raising the $14 trillion debt ceiling before the borrowing limit is reached in July.

So, if Republicans don’t raise the debt ceiling, the ‘full faith and credit of the nation’ is apparently going to be destroyed.

This is like claiming that a family who refuses to take out any more credit cards in order to pay off the interest on their existing debt is going to jeopardize their credit more than it already is.

Clearly this logic makes total sense, as does having a monetary system controlled by a private banking cartel in which money is based on the creation of new debt, while gold coins are forbidden from being used as currency under penalty of law.

There is only one thing left for society to do in order to kick-start the economy:

Give hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars to the wives of ultra-rich bankers.

Praise Mao, and may Stalin expropriate your mortgage.