Silver Up 42 From 36 One Month Ago

Anyone who follows this blog should know that I believe silver is going to rocket nearly exponentially in price given a few factors:

1.  JPM is out of silver.

2.  JPM is under pressure to stop fraudulently naked shorting the market.

3.  The Fed is printing epic ass tons of money.

4.  Silver’s naturally occurring ratio to gold in the earth is 16 to 1, which is well below current market prices.

Given these factors, silver is probably one of the best investments you can make this century.  Akin to investing in Microsoft’s IPO.

Of course, I’m not a financial analyst so take my advice worth a grain of salt.  What do I know.

Zero Hedge reports:

Silver is now trading at $42.10: the highest price since 1981, and ever closer to the all time Hunt Brother high, which is now just over $8 away. At this rate, and if Bolivia indeed nationalizes its silver mines, we give it a month for a new all time notional high in the metal.

As for metals being in a bubble – LOL