God King: Republicans Will Turn The USA Into Third World Nation


The Lord recently came out and claimed that reducing government spending will turn America into a third world nation.

AFP reports:

CHICAGO (AFP) – US President Barack Obama accused Republicans of wanting to turn the United States into a “Third World” country as he rallied support for his reelection campaign.

The attack came a day after Obama savaged Republican budget plans and unveiled his $4-trillion deficit reduction drive that aims to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans in order to preserve key social services.

Of course, Republicans aren’t really interested in cutting spending at all and any plans they have put forth (except Rand Paul’s) don’t actually do much to prevent our monetary system from imploding.  Even Rand Paul’s plan still increases the deficit by over a trillion this year.

If we look at third world hellholes, lets see what their governments spend as a percentage of GDP:

Cuba 78.1
Kiribati[10] 114.6
Maldives 63.1
Timor-Leste[11] 97.0
Zimbabwe 97.8

Clearly if we increase spending to Zimbabwe levels, all of our problems will be solved!

Obviously government spending doesn’t actually improve anything.  If it did, we would all be driving around in Mercedes and living in mansions.

The Hussein-al-Bernank’s political rhetoric is so outrageous that I’m having a hard time believing there are actually people out there who take this clown seriously.