Barack Hussein Declares Americans Are Slugs

Apparently the God King was recorded on tape calling the American serf class a bunch of slugs while talking to a bunch of big donors who paid to have special access to the president.

Big Government reports:

Last weekend, His Presidency Barack Obama was captured making potentially offensive comments to a group of big money donors who had paid large sums of money for special access to His Presidency.

We observed that CBS only released “selectively edited” moments from the raw tape. We know how much the mainstream media values complete and full disclosure of recordings of this nature, so we found it curious, to say the least, that there was not one drop of intellectual curiosity from these guardians of media purity regarding the content of the full recording…

…People can speculate as to what their motive is, but we suspect that they do not want to jeopardize their White House access leading into campaign season by being the ones to release the audio of His Presidency referring to Americans as “slugs.”

It’s not like this is any kind of a surprise.

CBS is a State propaganda outlet and the President is a banker terrorist.