US Senate: Canadian Terrists Are Going To Kill You

You have to love this nonsense:

Press Release by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security stated that according to the study, “the risk of terrorist activity across the northern border is higher than across the southern border because there are active Islamist extremist groups in Canada that are not in Mexico, it is easier to cross the northern border because it is twice as long as the southern border, and DHS has a fraction of the law enforcement officers and surveillance assets on the northern border than it has in the south.”

If there are active extremist groups in Canada, why not simply have the Canadian police go arrest them?

Problem solved.

Of course, that would be ridiculous when instead we can fear monger and demand hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars to militarize a completely peaceful border.

The State simply sees an opportunity to expand what it does best, robbing people for its own gain.

Praise Mao and may Stalin enforce your border crossings.