NSA FOIA Document Claims We Have Received Messages From Space Aliens

The NSA has recently released several files in accordance with a FOIA request, among them was a document stating we have received messages from space aliens.

Original link to the document on NSA’s servers.

The document can be found linked from this page on the NSA’s website.

Interesting to say the least.  I have to assume the document is legit since I’m downloading it directly from the NSA themselves.

The document goes on to describe methods for interpreting the signals that were (are) being received.   It appears as if the messages were keyed off of the period table of elements.  Such a key would give us the means to decipher language or data transmission, much like was portrayed in the movie Contact.

Perhaps these guys aren’t crazy after all:

update, looks like it was just an exercise:


On April 21, 2011 the National Security Agency posted documents from their Technical Journal which had some interesting articles about extraterrestrials. Some have assumed that these documents were pertaining to messages received from extraterrestrials, an easy mistake to make with article titles such as “Key to the Extraterrestrial Messages.” These documents are actually related to exercises for practicing deciphering coded messages that extraterrestrials may send us in the future. However, there is still a story here, because these exercises were started by a prominent NSA cryptologist who believed more attention needed to be given to the investigation of UFOs and the possibility that we may be contacted soon.

The cryptologist was Lambros D. Callimahos, his biography can be read in the NSA’s Hall of Honor, which he was inducted to in 2003. They state that Callimahos, “played a crucial role in shaping cryptologic development at NSA.” He had developed a special class, designated CA-400, for elite cryptanalysts, if they passed they would become members of what was labeled the Dundee Society. The group’s real purpose was so secret that it was named after an empty Dundee marmalade jar he kept his pens in on his desk.

The recent NSA Technical Journal articles were actually obtained by UFO researchers in 2004, through freedom of information act requests. I first became aware of them watching a lecture by John Schuessler, one of the original recipients. In the winter of 1966 issue of the journal, Callimahos wrote an article titled, “Communication with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.” This was the dawn of what would later become the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), and Callimahos discussed the work of Dr. Frank Drake, who had shown that the possibility of life in space was actually very large. Callimahos went so far as to state, “Unless we’re terribly conceited (a very unscientific demeanor), we must assume that the ‘others’ are far more advanced than we are.”