Ex-ISI Chief Hamid Gul: CIA “Choreographing” Osama Assassination Hoax

Former Pakistani intelligence chief Hamid Gul went on the Alex Jones Show today and characterized the unverified assassination of Osama bin Laden as symbolic theater.

Gul said the event was a “make believe drama” designed to be used for Obama’s upcoming re-election campaign.

The supposed hit as described by the government and the corporate media is the “stuff of folk lore, for legend-making and the ballad,” Gull explained.


  • anonymous

    Just wanted to thank you for your blog and for providing this piece. It’s great to see fellow free-thinkers.

    You may know that on several websites, one can be censored (banned from posting) or at least severely attacked for merely suggesting that the bin Laden assassination was a fiction. This is why it is a relief to see a blog such as yours.

    PS: As a side note, I cannot believe that most people seem to accept Obama’s long form birth certificate as being authentic, even though they could have easily seen for themselves that it is a hoax (cf. your earlier post including my comment about using Inkscape – and of course several more widely followed bloggers have pointed out the same thing). I cringe every time I read that “now that Obama has shown etc…”. He has not shown anything, he just made me even more convinced that he is a fraud. And it does not even that much matter who Obama really is, but it does matter to know and be aware of the true nature of the Elites that govern the Western world (and most of the planet, it seems).

  • Moxin

    Nice to see you’re as bat shit crazy as always, Wound.

  • anony

    such a blog… one without much knowledge except maybe from other websites that all say the same thing similar to even… yes this blog. You guys / girls all know that the media can make u believe anything they want you to not to say america is gullable as f*&k and i am very dissapointed in all of us even me… if you really wanted to know the truth, you should go look for yourself…

    Believe nothing you hear, and only half of what you see….