Worthless Pigs Stomp On Citizen’s Face For Not Licking Boots

Yet again, I recommend you take your blood pressure medication before watching this video:

The LVRJ reports:

When a video surfaced last week showing a Las Vegas police officer roughing up a man with a camera, many cops in the department were as de­moralized by the incident as the public was incensed.

“The majority of us think (officer Derek) Colling made a mistake,” said one patrol officer with less than five years on the force. “All the officers I talked to understand that citizens will see this video, and yeah, we know it looks bad.”

My fucking ass.

The pigs in question were only “demoralized” because they got caught.

That’s a hell of a “mistake.”  – Oops, I accidentally slipped and assaulted you for video taping me.

The apologist piece by the LVRJ goes on to say:

Officer A said he hoped the public would understand that officers aren’t at war with citizens. If cops screw up, they know they must answer for it.


The officers in question should face assault and kidnapping charges for their actions.  This will NEVER happen.  If any citizen did what those officers did, they would be behind bars right now.

Police treat the common man like worthless garbage and they have ZERO accountably to the public.  They are tyrants.  They are most certainly at war with the public.  The drug war, taxation, and all other manner of tyranny are being directly waged against the citizens of this nation by the police.

This is what tyranny looks like.

“If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.”


  • mark

    this is just a part of the j new world order. cops don’t care about you the common folk all they care about is protecting the rich and famous AND friends and family.