US Treasury Tells Lawmakers It Needs $2 Trillion More Debt

Zero Hedge reports:

Reuters reports that the US Treasury has informed lawmakers it needs a $2 trillion debt limit increase to operate… until the end of 2012.

May Mao bless you and keep you.

May Mao make his face shine upon you.

May Mao forcibly rape your bank account, and give you peace.



  • Anonymous

    Joseph Stigletz pulitzer prize winning economist just finished his book the $3 trillion dollar war (Iraq). That illegal war created by the neo cons was never put into their budgets. All that money was borrowed from China and is the reason Obama put these wars into his budget. George WAR Bush left this country and indeed this planet in a horrible financial situation. His cronies on Wall Street moved money around like the biggest ponzi scheme ever imposed on the world. He bombed two countries on lies, lost an entire City New Orleans, make the government 3 times bigger by adding “Homeland Security”, and created one of the biggest spy networks agains the american people, removed Habeus Corpus which has been in effect since 1200’s. He permitted Black Water Deathsquads, Torture black sites around the world. Obama was dealt a bad deck of financial wreckage. He has tried to do some good things, but when the GOP refuses to address the needs of the people, and are only interested in the filthy rich, is it any wonder American cant get its bearings. Its time to bring all our troops home, put them in the Gulf states to clean up BP’s mess, clean up the horror that tornadoes have left in 7 states. End giving one cent to the apartheid state of Israel…they are responsible for the majority of hate and chaos around the world.