Paul Krugman Prevents $66,520 From Going To NYC Food Banks

It’s that time again!

Oh yes, it’s time to harass our favorite Marxist economist, Paul Krugman.  This week, I point out that the limp wristed Krugman is preventing over 66,500 dollars in charitable contributions from going to starving poor people.

You see, all Krugman has to do is publicly debate economist Robert Murphy and the NYC food banks will get a fat pay day of 66 grand in charitable contributions.  By refusing to debate Murphy, he is preventing all the charitable contributions held in trust by The Point from being released to the food banks.

Why would Krugman refuse such a debate, to the detriment of starving poor people in NYC?  Probably because he is a charlatan that couldn’t reason his way out of a hole in the ground.

Watch Murphy take down a different tyrant central banking monopolist in this debate here:

Oh yes, one more thing.  Since socialists have very poor reasoning skills in general, I feel this disclaimer is necessary to head off any ridiculous commentary by Marxists:

Robert Murphy does not have control over the money. The people who donated do. They donated based on the conditions established by the trust.

Thus, neither Murphy nor The Point can release the money, as it is held on the conditions that the donors agreed to. If the The Point were to release the money without a debate, they could be sued by the donors in a class action suit.

Only Krugman has the power to release the money.