Life In Prison For Selling Pot – You Pay For This

Recently a man was sent to prison for life because he sold some weed.

He had no violent record and didn’t steal.  He gave people what they wanted.  And for that, the people he sold to will pay to put him behind bars for the rest of his life.

420  Times reports:

On Thursday a 35 year old man in Covington, Louisiana was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted a fourth time on marijuana charges. Cornell Hood II was convicted three times in New Orleans and got off with probation. He then moved to St. Tammany Parish, where he got busted a 4th time.

Under Louisiana’s repeat-offender law Cornell is eligible for a life sentence, which he got. Last year his probation officer came to his home for a routine visit and ended up finding almost two pounds of cannabis throughout the house. The probation officer alerted the police, and off Cornell goes to jail on intent to distribute charges.