Monopolist Claims Monopoly Privileges Are Not Enough

One of the world’s largest monopolists (the US Postal Service) has suffered a 2.2 billion dollar loss in their most recent quarter of operations.  Some people might question how this is possible given that they are a freaking monopoly.

Of course, to anyone with half a brain the answer is obvious.  They are are a fascist quasi-governmental institution, much like the Federal Reserve bank.  As such, they are not beholden to market forces or bankruptcy laws like a normal business is.  Normal businesses are forced to operate efficiently and within their means or go out of business.  No so with fascist monopolies like our postal service.

CNN reports:

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The U.S. Postal Service continues to hemorrhage money, with a loss of $2.2 billion in the most recent quarter.

The national mail service said Tuesday that it expects to have a cash shortfall and reach its statutory borrowing limit by the time its fiscal year ends in September. That means the agency could be forced to default on some of its payments to the federal government.

For those of you who are confused, the USPS has a monopoly privilege on the delivery of first class mail.  If anyone tried to create their own postal company and deliver first class mail, they could be fined, imprisoned, or both.


(a) It is generally unlawful under the Private Express Statutes for any person other than the Postal Service in any manner to send or carry a letter on a post route or in any manner to cause or assist such activity. Violation may result in injunction, fine or imprisonment or both and payment of postage lost as a result of the illegal activity (see §310.5).

The criminal congress has decided that if the post office didn’t have a monopoly on first class mail delivery, then people might not get mail.  – Seriously, that is their reasoning.  The criminals claim that private businesses wouldn’t deliver the mail to people who reside off the beaten path.   Of course, Fed Ex and UPS demonstrate the utter ridiculousness of that logic on a daily basis.

Since people wouldn’t get mail if the USPS didn’t exist, clearly we must make it a crime punishable by prison if anyone actually did try to deliver first class mail.

Speaking of solutions to problems, the USPS gives us the classic monopolist response to their troubles:

Cut services.

The postal service has estimated that moving to five day service could save $3.1 billion. But the Postal Regulatory Commission, which oversees the agency, issued an advisory in March that put the savings at a much more modest $1.7 billion.

When you have a monopoly privilege, you don’t have to actually meet market service expectations.  You can cut services and increase prices all day long – an no one can do a damn thing about it except suffer.

Praise Mao and may Stalin expropriate your silver letter opener.



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