Fat Kids Should Be Taxed – So Says The State

If you have a little plumper, the State of IL is coming after your wallet.

STLToday reports:

lawmaker says parents who have obese children should lose their state tax deduction.

“It’s the parents’ responsibility that have obese kids,” said state Sen. Shane Cultra, R-Onarga. “Take the tax deduction away for parents that have obese kids.”

Cultra has not introduced legislation to deny parents the $2,000 standard tax deduction, but he floated the idea Tuesday, when lawmakers took a shot at solving the state’s obesity epidemic.

I propose we should tax law makers for passing corn subsidies, which cause soda makers to use corn syrup for sweetener instead of sugar.  Corn syrup makes you fatter than regular sugar, so clearly politicians are to blame for the nation’s obesity epidemic.

Of course, that will never happen because law makers are terrorist insurgents hell bent on looting you of every last penny you have.