The Atlantic Defends Ron Paul? Why It’s So Hard to Reform Drug Laws

Seriously, I nearly fell out of my chair when reading this pro-Ron Paul piece on the Atlantic.

For those of you who don’t know, the Atlantic is so far to the left it makes Karl Marx look like the poster boy for capitalism.

Basically a WaPo author wrote a biased, flagrantly false and misleading article about Ron’s position on the drug war which The Atlantic responded to in this piece.  The article is most excellent and I highly recommend reading the entire story.

The Atlantic writes:

It’s no wonder that reforming our drug laws is so daunting a task. Just look at the shabby treatment critics of current policy get in the opinion pages of The Washington Post. Columnist Michael Gerson argues that Ron Paul’s support for ending the War on Drugs should consign him to “marginal status” in the 2012 GOP primary. Gerson is hardly alone in thinking so, but his column is worth noting insofar as it reflects the weakness of the arguments against decriminalization, and the outright misrepresentations drug warriors are permitted when making them.