US Farmers Return To Using Oxen Instead Of Tractors Due To Fuel Costs

The socialist decay of America into a third world hell hole is moving along quite nicely.

Because everyone who is not a mega-international oil corporation has been banned from drilling for oil on their own lands in this country, and because Bernanke has printed hundreds of billions of dollars, fuel costs are now at a point where it is too expensive for small farms to profitably operate tractors.  Hence, they are returning to third world farming practices in order to try and stay profitable.

The Daily Mail reports:

When farmers Danielle and Matt Boerson realised they could no longer afford to run their tractors, they took the bull by the horns – and ditched them for oxen.

Soaring petrol prices had become so high that the couple, who run an 80-acre farm near Madison, Wisconsin, were forced to get rid of their two tractors, hay baler, plough and rotavator…

‘We are definitely saving on fuel. Though it’s not necessarily easier. Tractors don’t often jump over fences.’

I’m sure the congressional response to this insanity will be to increase farm subsidies.

As America devolves into Haiti, we can expect to see cars abandoned in favor of bicycles and horses.


  • Specter

    Oh good Lord. Where’s the media meltdown over this? Oh, wait, nevermind.