Brazilian Government Attacks Well-To-Do Homeschoolers While Leaving Slum Kids To Rot

Hi Michael,

Keep up the good work you are doing. Here is a bit of news that may be of interest to you. I hope you don’t feel your blood boil because mine does.

From a video of Hans Hoppe you posted, I ended up on Mises Institute in Brasil’s website. On that website, I watched a video of a speech by Cleber Nunes.

Nunes and his wife Bernadeth decided to homeschool their kids. The Brazilian govt sued them, with a civil lawsuit and a criminal lawsuit. The State tested the kids and they “kicked butt” in his own words. But the State’s judges still ruled against the parents. He appealed up to the Supreme and Federal courts and lost. He may lose custody of the kids.

In this video, a TV show points out that public schools lack teachers in subjects like math and physics. In Brazil, there are kids in the slums who do not go to school because they are earning money for their families. There are street kids, abandoned kids with no guardians, who do not go to school, some involved in street crime.  The State turns a blind eye.

Yet, when a family decides to homeschool their own kids, the State comes in and crushes them.

Thought you may find that interesting.

Keep doing what you are doing.

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