Must Watch: The College Conspiracy

NIA releases its latest bubble economics video.

A must watch:


  • Specter

    Yes! YES!!! Finally! The Emperor Has No Clothes! This should be required viewing for all American citizens. I remember getting in a debate years ago with my college English professor over the University vs. Big Business systems. This was right in the middle of the Enron collapse, and she was spouting off about how corrupt all big businesses are, and how perfect the college education system is, and how Enron proves it. I calmly stood up and began to point out all of the myriad 600-lb-gorilla-in-the-livingroom scams that our university funding system had that were identical to the Enron scams. Surprisingly, I was not only rewarded by her silence and the applause of my classmates, but I by an “A” as well 🙂