The God Plant

The more I learn about the cannabis plant, the more I feel it was put here for man’s use by divine intervention.

The list of positive benefits to humanity that the cannabis plant can claim go beyond any other plant in existence.  In fact, the list is so huge and so overwhelming that it is nearly impossible to list them all.

Consider man in his natural state, without the existence of a massive modern State controlled medical industrial complex that produces patented pharmaceuticals.  The cannabis plant can be used raw, without any special processing, to treat pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, nausea, lack of appetite, nervous system diseases, and it has protective properties that prevent neurological and cancerous diseases.

The plant itself can be used to make paper and other cellulose products at 3 times the efficiency of trees, it can also be used to produce plastics as strong as steel, food, insulation, clothing, fuel, and other industrial products.

In a scientific study attempting to prove the ill effects of cannabis, scientists once took a monkey and hooked it up to a gas-mask smoking machine that fed the monkey the equivalent of 63 joints of marijuana a day.  After several months the scientists ended up measuring braincell loss (most likely from the massive intake of carbon monoxide/dioxide from the smoking machine), but other than that, the monkey was fine.  Subsequent studies have shown no braincell loss at all and that cannabis may have neuroprotective properties.

The State is a tyrannical organization of monopolistic looters.  It has banned the use of this plant over corporate and political interests to the detriment of humanity.  The damaged caused by the State in banning this plant is tantamount to crimes against humanity caused by the likes of Mao, Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot.  The wealth and capital resources destroyed in the war on drugs has deprived humanity of so much material wealth that it can not even be rationally comprehended.  If one considers all of the positive things like trucks, houses, roads, bridges, computers, etc.. etc.. that could have been produced with the resources wasted on combating the sale of drugs, all of humanity could be living at first world conditions.