Ron Paul Says Sell The Gold – Terrorist Oligarchy Disagrees

The terrorist usurpers you call the State have declared Ron Paul’s calls for the US Government to sell its gold in Ft. Knox to be “just one level of crazy away from selling Mount Rushmore.”

I find this wildly humorous considering they also claim gold is a “barbarous relic” of a bygone era.  Clearly if gold really is a relic of the ancient past, then it makes absolutely no sense for them to argue against selling it.

The New York Sun Reports:

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that a group of Republican congressmen supports the idea of selling gold.

Officials of the Obama administration have taken notice — and disagree. The assistant Treasury secretary for financial markets, Mary Miller, wrote in a posting on the Treasury Department’s Website May 6 that “fire sale” of the government’s financial assets, including gold, would not be a “viable option.” She urged instead a raising of the debt limit.

An unnamed senior administration official was quoted by the Washington Post as saying, “Selling off the gold is just one level of crazy away from selling Mount Rushmore.” The Wall Street Journal, in its dispatch Monday, reported that Treasury “could be forced to rethink” their opposition if the budget talks fail.

Economist Gary North explains why the statist tyrants are hell bent on preventing the American people from getting their gold back, and so are the gold bugs!

I highly recommend reading this article:

What’s going on here? If it was immoral and illegal for the government to confiscate the gold at $20 an ounce in 1933, why is it a bad idea for the government to sell back the gold to the public at a market price today?

The left often likes to wail and moan that Ron Paul only wants a gold standard because he has collected a lot of gold coins, and a gold standard would obviously drive up the price of gold.  Here Ron Paul demonstrates his calls for a gold standard have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he has purchased gold coins as an investment over the course of his life.

If Ron got his way, the price of gold would plummet.