Further Evidence Of The Electric Solar Model

The criminal fraudsters you call State funded cosmologists claim the Sun is a gigantic bonfire burning the sky, fueling itself by fusing hydrogen in a gravitationally collapsing furnace.

This is preposterous.

The corona high above the Sun is millions of degrees hot while the surface of the Sun is only 6000 degrees hot.  The laws of thermodynamics make it abundantly clear that the energy source powering the Sun is arriving from the OUTSIDE.

Plasma physicists who aren’t dependent upon stolen loot for their paycheck disagree with the criminal class.  They have proposed solar models in which the Sun is nothing more than a discharging anode immersed in a sea of plasma.  In such a model, the Sun burns because energy is flowing into it by way of electrical currents in the space plasma, which are arriving from the galaxy itself.

If the plasma physicists are correct, then we should expect highly charged bodies that approach the Sun to have a profound effect on the discharging Sun as they alter the electrical currents that are powering it.

Comets in this “electric universe” are charged bodies, and they discharge a cometary tail because of the charge differential they obtain in the outer solar system.  As they make their way toward the Sun, they have to equalize the charge between themselves and their changing electrical environment.  This leads to a glow discharge developing, which gives the comet its distinct tail.

The following video is further proof of the electric solar model.  A comet compared to the sun is like a grain of sand hitting an 18 wheeler.  It should, according to the liars theory, do nothing to the Sun at all.

I would like for the criminal liars to explain why such a microscopic grain of sand is capapble of generating energy releases on the Sun similar to billions of Hiroshima bombs going off:

Of course, this isn’t the first time comets have caused huge coronal mass ejections on the Sun.  Indeed, damn near every time a large comet has hit the Sun it has resulted in a CME!

To learn more about electric cosmology, watch this video.