God King Plans On Violating War Powers Act

The totalitarian regime known commonly as the Obama administration has taken it upon itself to launch an foreign war of aggression against Libya without any congressional approval.

This action violates the War Powers Act, which specifically states the president’s constitutional powers allow him to only deploy troops into “hostilities” with a declaration of war, specific authorization from Congress or a national emergency caused by an attack on the U.S.

Further, the act limits engagements in those hostilities to a maximum of 60 days without congressional approval.  That 60 day deadline is fast approaching for our hostile actions in Libya.

In response to this violation of law, several republican senators have issued a letter to Obama asking him if he plans on obeying the War Powers Act or not.

Democrats have been mute on the issue and slimeballs like republicrat McStain have stated, “I’ve never recognized the constitutionality of the War Powers Act, nor has any president, either Republican or Democrat.”

You can expect nothing to come of the letter.



  • JG

    Scott Horton at Antiwar Radio said (with some citation, can’t remember) that the US military will pull back for a few hours and then start attacking again. They believe this will restart the 60 day clock. 

  • nyse

    This site is great. (Just found you.)