Feds To Mandate Black Boxes For Your Car

The terrorist class has decided you are simply too stupid to drive around without a government approved monitoring device installed in your vehicle.

Dvice.com reports:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is expected to issue new regulations next month, that will require a black box style data recorder be fitted in all new cars.

Of course, the mandate does not come from a legislative body… oh no no no… such a mandate is far too politically damaging for that.  This mandate is brought to you by a bureaucratic nightmare called the NHTSA that is accountable to no one other than themselves.

The regulations serve a dual purpose:

1.  to drive up the cost of vehicles and fatten the profit margins of the major auto producers


2. to enable government to tax you by the mile once automobiles become too efficient for the gas tax.

The criminal tyrants have been busy scheming, trying to figure out ways to increase your taxes without having to raise the gas tax to obscene levels.  This will also enable them to cut special interest deals on gas taxes.

Consider that currently government doesn’t have an easy way of limiting the taxes their crony trucking corporations pay, while sticking it to the consumer.  Under a mileage tax, it would be a fairly simple matter to grant special interest deals to trucking companies by reducing their mileage tax burden.

Of course, we shouldn’t forget the ancillary police state benefits government derives by being able to track every citizens movement either.

  • Anonymous

    The NHTSA and the tens of thousands of lives they save every year is pretty much a perfect example of why we need more government regulation and Libertarians are clueless.

  • katyll

    The Los Angeles Times says that libertarians support the installation of a black box to monitor your miles (and upon which you will be taxed.)


    There’s nothing else in the article to say WHICH libertarians they’re talking about. Is this true, or did the LA Times lie again?

    • One reporter at Reason magazine supported this, and the LA times took that to mean all libertarians support this.

      So no, it’s just the LA times lying its ass off again.