NJ Courts Rule Cutting The Budget Is Unconstitutional

This is what happens when idiot libtards enshrine looting in their state constitution – liberal justices will mandate that the looting must continue no matter how economically destructive and ineffective the polices are.

It’s so ridiculous it almost makes me snicker.  Here we have courts dictating state budgets to legislators.  So much for “no taxation without representation.”

NJ.com reports:

TRENTON — In a widely anticipated decision, the New Jersey Supreme Court ordered the state to spend an additional $500 million on public education in poor districts next year.

Christie had argued that the state’s current fiscal woes made it impossible to spend the full amount required by the funding formula approved by the court in 2009.

Still, the majority opinion written by Associate Justice Jaynee LaVecchia said Christie’s cuts to education spending have been “consequential and significant” and must be rolled back. She also wrote that the state, which had promised to fully fund the formula, cannot back away from it…

When their is no one left to loot in their criminal state, I’m sure the justices will demand that the police mount a Viking raid into near by Pennsylvania.

  • Anonymous

    Pennsylvannia’s just as bad. We’d only be too lucky if the two governments took one another out and left nonviolent people to live as they would without the threat of annihilation hanging over their heads for failing to follow imperial edicts.

  • Moonrulez

    NJ found almost $1 Billion of extra tax money lying around.  The dogs are begging for a piece of it.