Postal Service Implodes

I recently did a fairly large write up on the criminally funded US Postal Service in my Monopolist Claims Monopoly Privileges Are Not Enough piece.  In the article I pointed out that the USPS was hemorrhaging money at a rate of 2.2 billion dollars a quarter even though it is the largest monopoly in the world.

Now Business Week has released an article that goes into further details about the gigantic black hole that the terrorists in congress are heaping our money into:

The USPS has 571,566 full-time workers, making it the country’s second-largest civilian employer after Wal-Mart Stores (WMT). It has 31,871 post offices, more than the combined domestic retail outlets of Wal-Mart, Starbucks (SBUX), and McDonald’s (MCD). Last year its revenues were $67 billion, and its expenses were even greater.

The problems of the USPS are just as big. It relies on first-class mail to fund most of its operations, but first-class mail volume is steadily declining—in 2005 it fell below junk mail for the first time. This was a significant milestone. The USPS needs three pieces of junk mail to replace the profit of a vanished stamp-bearing letter.

Consider the rampant cronyism such a violently funded system of waste is capable of producing:

  • 1.  half a million votes for the terrorist class
  • 2.  every business that sends junk mail benefits at the expense of those who do not.

The article concludes:

The USPS, however, still seems to be in denial. “The postal service is already carrying more junk than first class,” says postal consultant Campbell. “Pretty soon it’s going to be a government-run advertising mail delivery service. Does that make any sense? It doesn’t make any sense.”…

I really believe that the USPS is going to get to a point where, regardless of what it does with the prefunding [of retiree health care], it is going to implode,” says R. Richard Geddes, an associate professor of policy analysis and management at Cornell University. “It is either going to default on those obligations to its retirees or we are going to have to give it a direct bailout from the United States taxpayers.”

I beg to differ.  Our criminals in congress will simply print the money to keep the votes flowing their way.  They printed the money for the banks.  They printed the money for the railroads.  They printed the money for the automakers.  And they will print the money for the largest monopoly junk mailing service in the world.

You are a slave to junk mailing lunatics.

Heaven forbid the service be privatized.  Heaven forbid that private businesses be allowed to compete against the criminal USPS in the delivery of first class mail.  Heaven forbid the politicians lose votes.

The continued funding of the terrorist money wasters at gun point by the American plebes makes about as much sense as this music video: