Watch Pigs Grin With Glee As They Stomp Freedom Out Of Existence

As a follow up to the previous post on East German Stasi enforcers violently assaulting peaceful US Citizens, I bring you yet another video that shows what went down at the Jefferson Memorial in more detail.

The video starts off with a couple gently slow dancing with each other, just before a gleeful pig slaps them in handcuffs.  This, of course, is followed by more tyranny and violence by the criminal pigs in blue.

You can tell those pigs love their job.  I guess there’s nothing quite like showing a serf who is boss.

When asked repeatedly for the exact law that prohibits dancing and under what legal definition dancing is defined, the pigs smirk and refuse to tell them anything other than they will be assaulted and falsely imprisoned if they attempt any dancing.

To the pig in the image above:  nice Oakleys douche-bag.  I bet your mom is proud of you.  Do you flex for yourself in the mirror when you wake up every day?  It must be rough cracking down on old ladies who are dancing in public.  You deserve a raise.

For those in the DC area who are as furious about this as I am, there will be a counter protest at the memorial Saturday June 4th12:00pm – 1:00pm Eastern.

I got a message for the po po: