Watch Stasi Enforcers Murder Two Scared Dogs

The corrupt and violent police state has claimed some more victims in the war against sanity.  This time a Stasi strike team raided a non-violent citizen’s home in search of deadly weed and shot their retreating pets.  The pets posed no threat to the 200 lbs heavily armed men and were running away at the time they were shot, but in order to make sure the serfs know what their place in society is, the strike team blasted their pets into oblivion.

Be sure to let the whimpering sink in.

This is what your coercively stolen tax dollars go to fund in your name serf.

Of course it would be a crying shame if I didn’t also mention that you are paying for the courts, the jail time, the public defenders, ect.. etc.. etc..  each one of these bullshit arrests costs you tens of thousands of dollars when the final bill is tallied up.

But you don’t care.  You love it.  You love it because Bill O’reilly told you that drugs are bad and the Stasi are duty bound to enforce every bullshit law on the books with as much brutal force as possible.

You are not allowed to question the law.  You are not allowed to ask why men in para-military uniforms are running around shooting people over plants.  You are to bow at the feet of the enforcers and thank them for “protecting” you, while at the same time they issue you a 500 dollar ticket for going 10 over the speed limit.

Praise Mao.

From the description:

This is a legally obtained video of the Columbia, MO SWAT team serving a search warrant for marijuana on 03.07.2008 at the home of Mr. Jonathan March. Mr. March had no prior felony convictions at the time of the raid.

During the raid, 5 concussion grenades were exploded in and around the home. One of the grenades exploded near the feet of the young lady visitor seen in the video who at the time was seated on the couch. Two additional grenades were exploded subsequent to the arrest on the premise that the CPD needed to prove that the previous 5 grenades had done no damage. The grenades left clear charred remains on the carpet and other areas of the home.

During sworn testimony, the SWAT officers who executed this raid acknowledged that they had shot to death two dogs with their machine guns. Both dogs were shot in the back while retreating. One of the dogs is shot at around 6:30 as an officer tops the stairs, passes a suspect on the floor and steps into a bedroom. You can see a glimpse of the dead dog as the officer stands in the doorway. The dog is obviously facing away from the officer. At 6:55 you can see another injured dog struggling in the hall.

It is important to note that this raid took place before Chief Ken Burton accepted his position with the CPD. Due to the overwhelming public outcry stemming from a more recent yet similar raid under his command, Chief Burton has reigned in the use of his SWAT team to serve search warrants for non-violent crimes and criminals. While the prevalence of violent, paramilitary raids has waned in Columbia, this type of raid is happening somewhere in the United States right now. Please speak out against this government sanctioned domestic terrorism.

For more information or to contact Keep Columbia Free, please visit

More info on policing for profit via SWAT raids can be found at

Video courtesy of Dan Viets Attorney at Law

I love this comment:

I’m confused. Which activity is illegal? Selling a naturally-grown plant that has been an accepted part of cultures all over the world for thousands of years; or breaking into someone’s home, threatening them with weapons, and murdering their pets? Oh right, of course it’s the first. Good thing we have these authority figures to serve and protect us.


  • Jjohnson

    Somebody shoot these thugs in the kneecaps.

  • SinisterAssassin

    I have a feeling that a majority of these “authority” figures that enforce the laws, have no idea themselves, what is right or wrong anymore. They are merely puppets. This guy was growing a little pot and selling it to friends. He didn’t have acres of property with six foot tall MJ plants as ground cover. He also has zero violent crime history. Where was the threat, or the need for a heavily armed raid? Police and military personnel alike just seem to do as they are told, without really thinking about what is right or wrong. 

    • E.I.A

       It may be so. But to paraphrase them; ignorance is no excuse.
      When individuals are placed into such positions of enormous power over other’s lives, they take on a responsibility which they are well-paid for, and which is intended to be very strictly regulated. What we see here is an example of something proximal to anarchy.

      This country needs an almost lethal dose of empathy. It is one thing to watch, and another to experience. And it happens every day.

    • Stop making excuses for the police.  They are not puppets.  Puppets are helpless.  The guys with the guns are anything but.  Politicians make the laws, but it’s the police who wage the war.  Why do they shoot dogs?  The same reason they shoot people — BECAUSE THEY CAN.  

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  • E.I.A

    I have responded to this disgusting video by placing a post (linked here)  on my own website.

    I will state this as appropriately and legally as possible: A list needs to be implemented into a distributed database with fault tolerance, and in it should be stored the names and information of domestic criminals elected as such by the citizenry itself. When things change, and this country is put into its place as an ethical, responsible and positive society, such criminals will need reform and review so as to prevent them from re-infesting a society interested only in betterment and uplifting.

    I say this not in vengeance, but for the same reason they profess to perform similar operations on those elected criminals by private meta-societies. Fair is fair, and they aren’t even close.