China Dumps 97% Of Its Short Term Treasuries

Praise Mao

CNS News reports:

[China] decreasing its ownership of the short-term U.S. government securities from a peak of $210.4 billion in May 2009 to $5.69 billion in March 2011…

In August 2008, before the bank bailout and the stimulus law, overall Chinese holdings of U.S. debt stood at $573.7 billion. That number continued to escalate past May 2009– when China started to reduce its holdings in short-term Treasury bills–and ultimately peaked at $1.1753 trillion last October.

As of March 2011, overall Chinese holdings of U.S. debt had decreased to 1.1449 trillion.

It is simply a matter of time until the lollerdollar goes into full meltdown.

China knows it.

You know it.

And the disturbing part is your masters know it as well.

Stand by for nuclear false flag attacks, false flag “cyber terrorist attacks” that lead to a nation wide shut down of internet services and cellular services, gun bans and confiscations, and round ups of supposed “dissident” groups within the US as the last vestiges of the Fascist State desperately try to keep control over the masses.

Buy Bitcoins, gold, and silver…

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  • Brian Ruffo

    In March 2010 China held $895 billion in US Treasuries and by March 2011 this had grown to $1.145 trillion. Your numbers are 100% wrong!


    • They aren’t my numbers and YOUR numbers are wrong.
      Not reading the article makes you look dumb.

      Don’t do that.

      • Brian Ruffo

        Sorry about that, I didn’t see the link. Also, my response seems a bit harsh. I apologize again.

        While it is clear that China’s treasury bill holdings are decreasing, the overall debt which China holds is very consistent. In addition, I disagree with your statement about the dollar crashing. The FED has printed ~$3 trillion dollars since 2008 as part of their quantitative easing activity. If China wanted to dump all their holdings tomorrow, the FED would buy and homogenise that debt just as it has been for the last three years. If 3 trillion didn’t crash the dollar, I’m betting an addition trillion will have a similar impact. Thus, I will quote Andrew Gause here and say, “The US dollar will crash when the FED runs out of zeros.”

        Will we see 10-15% inflation? Sure. Will the dollar crash? No. This is the same game that has been played by the “Masters” since 1913. They inflate the dollar at a rate only noticeable across multiple generations. Thus, the dollar today is worth 3 cents what it was in 1913.

        Have a nice day.

        • Brian Ruffo

          One caveat I’d like to add:

          The dollar will crash if the “Masters” (elite who own governments) decide they want it to. I’m not sure why they would want to do this, however if they do/did, they could take the entire system down.

          Some say it would create the all important “Order out of chaos” scenario consolidating power and control of the world in their hands. However, I contend that they already have that power, and the Federal Reserve Note is the one-world currency they desire. After all, it’s used in almost 90% of the transactions which take place on this planet.