Problem Reaction Solution


  • Teen girls taking pictures of their tits and sending them to horny teen boyfriends.


  • Shock, Horror, Disbelief.


  • Throw both the girls and boys engaged in such behavior behind bars.

The State only has two solutions to deal with any particular problem:  use violence or redistribute property… Well, I guess there really is only one solution – use violence – since taking property that doesn’t belong to you requires the use of force.

In the case of  these “sexting” teens, the solution was to use force against them by bringing them to a police station against their will to book them for distributing child porn.  After which they will face potential jail time or some other heinous violation of their rights for engaging in entirely voluntary behavior.

I don’t recall actually seeing a victim anywhere in that story besides the State.  Actually, I take that back, the victim in the story is the kid who inadvertently reported himself because he was threatened with violence.  Obviously the sane thing to do is lock him up rather than the kid who threatened him.

In a normal rational society, the school administrators would have contacted the teens’ parents and made them delete the image.  However we do not live in a rational society.  We are living in a totalitarian hell hole that is devolving into a third world police state.

One more reason to homeschool your kids.  They might engage in voluntary behavior that the State disapproves of.


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