Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction

The terrorist State is laid bare by over 1500 architects and engineers in this physical science documentary on the destruction of the World Trade Center.

Here is a 30 second television ad on the subject to pique your interest:

If you have never see Blueprint For Truth, and remain skeptical about conspiracy theorists’ claims that the towers were brought down by explosives, take some time and watch the video.  The video is not a series of conspiracy speculations.  The video covers the physical evidence of the collapse and provides analysis of the destruction through the eyes of numerous architects and engineers.

You are left to draw your own conclusions about how and why those towers came down.

Here is the 30 minute abridged version:

I recommend the full video if you want to get all the facts.

I’ve personally met Richard Gage and I can tell you he is a sincere man that has no agenda.  He has been a life long Republican and voted for Bush.  His beef is strictly with the NIST and the government paid engineers who came up with the “official” explanation of the towers’ collapse.

Of course, I am much more outspoken in my beliefs.  Those towers were blown up, and our criminal government is obviously to blame for it.