Gov. Gary Johnson’s Complete CNN Republican Primary Debate Responses

As most of the readers of this blog probably know, the CIA run propaganda outlet called CNN recently hosted the Republican Primary Debates and excluded a well known primary contender for nefarious reasons; that contender being former NM Governor Gary Johnson.

CNN felt that having two people on stage espousing rational ideas and common sense would be far too much for the brain damaged Republican serfs to assimilate.  So they took the liberty of protecting the serf class from having to think too much about what the word liberty actually means by excluding Johnson.

In response to this nonsense by CNN, Johnson has released a video where he responds to all the questions that CNN didn’t bother to ask him:

Of course, I consider all politicians  to be something of a joke.  These are people who claim the legitimate authority to take property from people by force and to keep some of that stolen booty for themselves.

Consider that no matter if Johnson, Paul, Romney, or Obama is elected in 2012, the violent looting of the State will not come to an end.  The violent looting will only stop when the terrorists have destroyed the value of the money they pay their Stasi enforcers with.

The market will put an end to the madness.  Politicians will only perpetuate it.