Psychopathic Terrorist Kills Serf, Kills Dog, After Serf Demands A Warrant

The homicidal bloodlust of the terrorist Stasi enforcers you call the police has recently claimed the life another 29 year old unarmed serf.

This time a serf got into an argument with his mother.  The mother ended up calling a Stasi hit squad to deal with her son.  After the terrorist Stasi enforcers arrived on scene, one of the terrorists decided to shoot the family dog, while tasing the serf multiple times for not immediately bowing down and licking boots.  Apparently the serf had the temerity to demand a warrant from the Stasi enforcers, who of course had none, which led to a physical altercation.

The terrorist was quoted by his partner as saying “I don’t need no warrant mother fucker” while holding a gun to the serf’s head.

Apparently the terrorist’s bloodlust was not satisfied by killing the family pet and multiple taser shots to the unarmed victim. So the terrorist enforcer decided to blow the serf away in order to demonstrate his superiority as a man.

Now the mother is in tears because the Stasi she called to help her ended up killing her son.

Let this be a lesson to you, you dumb ignorant woman.  The police are here to take your property.  They are here to enforce bank levies.  They are here to issue you tickets.  They are here to take your house and sell it at a tax auction.  They are here to take your drugs.  They are here to take your guns.  They are here to kill your pets.  And they are here to kill you.

Next time don’t be so stupid as to call a gang of lawless mercenary thugs to come to your assistance.

It should be noted that the Stasi terrorist who shot the serf had an armed partner in crime with him.  Of course, the partner could have prevented the death of the serf by shooting his psychopathic cohort, but to expect such an action from a fellow Stasi would be ridiculous.

The Stasi terrorist’s criminal accomplice was quoted as saying “This is the worst day of my life.” – Which I’m sure the victim would gladly be saying right now if he was still alive.

In response to the psychopathic behavior of one their terrorist enforcers, the Chairman of the Police Officers Union, Frank Moreno, said:

“Well John, at this point and time we are standing behind our officers.”




  • Fullfreedom

    The other officer should have shot the terrorist. Now he should be hanged in public, and those that support him in the department should be fired immediately.

  • Heimlikvs

    I’ve got to call you down for referring to the mother as a dumb ignorant woman. Her call was a split second decision and, being that it was her own son, most likely did not want any harm to come to him. 
    The fault lies not with the caller here but with who showed up. 
    Labeling the cop as a terrorist is an understatement. 

  • Don’tBeHatinDaPoLice

    You know, I never used to like police states but now that I’m living in one I don’t feel so bad about it.

    It even kind of angers me to see people bashing the police on the internet so I often defend them.

    They put their lifes on the line, so even when videos of bad police crop up you kinda gotta feel for them. It must be so stressful to do the things they are asked to do on a daily basis.  When they put on that uniform the have to set aside their humanity to do their job, how can you not sympathize with such people.  They care about us so hard that they feel have to do this stuff and risk their health just to keep us safe.  How can you not feel for those people – our protectors.

    And another thing – we only ever see the videos where police hurt or kill people. Rarely do we get to see the videos where they show leniency or kindness.  People don’t realize that these unseen videos are the most important because they show the police giving a person a second chance. They are practically giving them back however many years of their lifes that their crime would have landed them in jail for.

    I was once wrongfully arrested by the police and though they held me for days they were so kind to me.  One of the guards gave me several pieces of chewing gum during my stay right out his own pocket and would let me read his newspaper when he was done with it.  They are really just people like us.