Violent Stasi Enforcer Assaults Man Over Rhetorical Question

A savage totalitarian pirate recently assaulted a serf because the serf had the temerity to ask “at what point is locking your pets in a car considered animal cruelty?  5 minutes?  10 minutes?…”

The story goes like this:

A man and his family are on a road trip and stop off to get some antihistamine cream for their daughters at a local Walmart.  As the man leaves his vehicle to enter the store, a concerned idiot calls the pirates to come and make sure the man’s two dogs, which he had left in the car with the windows down, are OK.

Upon exiting the store 20 minutes later, the man is accosted by a pair of pirates and forced to explain his heinous actions.

In the course of trying to explain himself to the pirates, the man made the mistake of asking what exactly constituted animal cruelty, for which he was assaulted, locked in a police cruiser, and charged with “disorderly conduct” for not immediately kowtowing and sucking the pirate’s cock.

The man makes the point that:

even if I chose to fight the charge, it would require an overnight stay, the hiring of a lawyer, and the incurrence of expenses far exceeding the cost of the fine. I think this was not a coincidence but rather a calculated way of raising funds.


The irony in all this? My family and dogs sat in a hot car for over an hour while the police harassed me. Apparently, animal cruelty can only be perpetrated by citizens, not the soldiers of the crown.

Praise Mao Mr. Mugnaini and let that be a lesson to you.

Don’t ever question why you are being robbed.  Just like they train liquor store clerks, it is best to just bend over and comply.  Hopefully you will not get shot in the process of the robbery.