Terrorist Enforcers Arrest Woman For Standing On Her Property With A Camera

Behold, a serf has been assaulted and kidnapped by terrorist fucktards for standing on her property with a video camera.

Not to worry, no police were fired or will be fired because this incident.  And we can rest assured that the woman will have to spend thousands of dollars defending herself against totally baseless accusations.  Hopefully her legal fees will bankrupt her.  That should teach her not to question authoritay again.

The woman’s name is Emily Good.  She was charged with obstructing government administration.

The terrorist’s name is Mario Masic.


  • JdL

    Miserable government THUGS!  What form of communication will be required to enlighten them?

    • Prognosticator

      What kind?  In the end, as history shows, probably gunfire, molotov cocktails, and IEDs.  Just look at Libya right now.  That’s your blueprint for Amerika’s near future.

  • guest

    Emily is the kind of citizen the United States needs.

  • Benjacomin Bozart

    The police commit criminal trespass and kidnapping. Another article said she was videotaped by cops when she was part of a group trying to block a foreclosure. So the cops have rights but “civilians” don’t. The article said blind obedience to cops is required. So if they had ordered her to submit to a rape then she could have filed a complaint with the public affairs office.

    This is the criminal wars coming home with a militarized police that are occupiers in  their own country. The TSA is stopping people in their own cars on public roads in Texas and doing Gestapo like searches on subways, trollys, bus stations, and trains with ICE people and the response of people is it makes them feel safer. I don’t know what is more disgusting, the thugs or the people that love to be abused. This is a sick immoral evil society.

    And this in the heartland  of Tea Party founding father loving Republicans.

  • Pigssuck

    Fucking pigs. Every time one of these fucks dies on the job I cheer.

  • Give me a break

    All the wintesses to this. she hit the lottery. It may have been traumatic at the time, but when she is sipping a mai tai on the beaches of Tahiti at the expense of the Rochester police, she’ll know it was all worth it. The money she gets in court should be taken out of the police pension fund.