Terrorist Breaks Serf’s Nose And Kicks His Chest In For Video Taping Him

Watch as a terrorist you call a Las Vegas Police Officer beats the living crap out of a serf for having the gall to film the terrorist from his own property.

The terrorist’s name is Derek Colling.

Here is a picture of the terrorist’s face so you know what he looks like when he is stomping on your face for driving 5 over the speed limit:

Derek Colling might be the most dangerous (active) cop in the united states. In less than 5 years as a police office Colling has killed two, including one 15 year old boy, and was just caught on film beating a man for filming him – great write up and back story at Carlos Miller’s site. Of course Colling charged Mitchell Crooks with assault on a police officer, a complete lie as the video shows.

In March of 2011 Mitchell Crooks was assaulted by LVMP employee Derek Colling. Crooks was then held in jail overnight and charged with two charges. Thanks to coverage of the incident his charges were dismissed but Colling is still on the job.

Call the LVMP and ask why they would continue to employ such a violent person (who has already shot and killed two people, including a 15yr old, in less than six years on the job).

Please call the LVMP and ask why they would continue to employ such a violent person. LVMP Office of the Sheriff: 702.828.3231

Or email if you prefer: pio@lvmpd.com