Tyrant Sends Woman To Jail For 30 Days Over Muttered Obscenity

Watch a power tripping tyrant throw a woman into a dungeon for a month over an obscenity she muttered under her breath.

I’m sure the good people of Ohio are more than happy to pay the thousands of dollars in jailing and legal costs that it takes to imprison this woman for an entire month.  Obviously she deserved what she got.  No serf should be allowed to disrespect God Almighty and get away with it.

After you finish watching the tyrant throw a serf into a dungeon, please take the time to read The Tyranny of the Bench by Murray Rothbard.  It’s a short essay that details the enormous and illegitimate power that judges have over the serfs.


If you would like to file a grievance with the Ohio Office of Disciplinary Counsel against this bipedal turd, follow the directions on this page.

CBS Local 12 reports:

Then Judge Bouchard admonished her, saying,  “When I set a bond, I don’t need any lip from anybody.”  Bowman told the judge, “I didn’t think you could hear me back there.”

The judge sentenced her to one day in jail and told her to apologize. She said,  “I apologize but I… ” “But what?”, said Judge Bouchard, angrily. “You be quiet! Do you understand? This is court. We are not on the street.”

The judge then dismissed the woman from court into jail custody. But on the way out,  Bowman muttered an obscenity, and at that time, Judge Bouchard tacked an additional 30 days onto her sentence, adding,  “Do you want 60?”


  • Chris

    The vicious cycle continues. Now the cops will have to go write tickets to make up for the currency spent putting big mouth behind bars. I suppose china may buy some of the states bonds if they still do that.

    • Stealthc

       nah don’t worry yourself about those bonds.  Also, welcome to the united states of china!

  • Mm9mm10

    i bet she doesn’t run her mouth anymore.  Somethig she should have learned in 2nd grade.

    • Stealthc

       ahh yes and bad manners should be illegal, let’s round up everybody who has bad manners and make them work 8 hours a day printing license plates and other menial tasks for $1.50 /day + 3 squares and a cell to live in with a sink, metal bunk and toilet, plus you get to share your space.  You nazi.  I hope you are arrested next for something stupid so you learn your lesson.

  • Anonymous

    It seems stupid because it is.  A grown woman unable to control herself for a few minutes.  We shouldnt have to pay but we shouldnt have to pay for people’s food, shelter, etc either.  Our entire legal system is based on respect.

    • Stealthc

       ugh dimwit alert!  If he had a problem with her horrible words, then he could have merely had her removed from the courtroom.  These actions are the actions of a tyrannical police state, I am free to have no respect for the legal system because it has earned none.  It lets the rich do what they want and it’s only there for cheap labour (in terms of criminal law) and in terms of civil law the way it resolves disputes is to make the lawyers the only winner, both parties attending are victimized by an unreasonably bureaucratic process.  I have respect for the court like I do for the kangaroo court, because clearly in this judgement I got proof positive that is exactly what they are.  Respect is earned, not automatically given, and the law has not proven itself terribly honourable recently — HONOUR IS WHAT THE LEGAL SYSTEM WAS SUPPOSED TO BE BASED OFF OF.  The idea that if one remains in honour at the court that the court cannot take advantage of them is a tennant used by the elites to make sure they get an easy time while the surfs get the short end of the stick.  The courts are there just to re-inforce a system that takes advantage of people, sometimes they get it right, but most of the time not.  They love doling out stiff sentences for victimless crimes nowadays.

      • Anonymous

        I’m not sure you know what tyrannical is.  You would not take a judge’s orders seriously is she had no authority- allowing people to use obscenities and disrespect the court process.  The fact is the judge is elected to be an authority for our society.  This is a pretty single-perspective article, obviously, but imagine if our courtrooms allowed “shout outs”, disruptions, and obscenities.  This lady’s behavior is very atypical of most people in court rooms and, perhaps, suggests a more serious personal problem -She probably needs to get psycological counseling for her oppositional defiance disorder- but that is not the court’s concern.  The courts concern is being able to address court business in a quick, fair, and professional manner.  I’m sure the lady still has not gotten the message but maybe she will avoid the court room in the future.

        • The rational thing for the judge to do would be to remove a disruptive citizen from the court room.

          First he could have ordered her out, then he could have had the bailiff escort her out.

          Instead, he decided to throw her in jail at tax payer expense without trial for something that didn’t even disrupt the court room proceedings.

    • Guest

      it isn’t illegal to be disrespectful.  he had no right to throw her in jail for that, what happened to the first amendment!?

  • MJ

    The original muttered comment did not disturb nor interrupt court proceedings.  It looked like it was the Judge who created the disturbance with his unnecessary outbreak. 
    The Judge threw the temper tantrum of a 6 year old.  How is it in this persons job description to make reasonable and non-emotional judgments?