Ron Paul Paid $352 By Lobbyists, Boehner Paid $202,165, Pelosi Paid $695,282


The title is pretty self explanatory.

Find out how corrupt your congressman is here.

Of the over $50 million in these reports, firms employing lobbyists spent $36.3 million honoring members of Congress and $11 million honoring executive branch officials in 2009 and 2010, according to Sunlight’s analysis. In addition, nearly $645,000 went to legislative branch employees—mostly congressional staffers—the reports showed.

The biggest looters were, of course, all democrats.

The report attempts to tally up all the donations and hosted events that fall outside the scope of PAC and individual donor limits.  Private corporations are not limited in the amounts they can give to pet charities or gala dinner events in “honor” of bureaucratic officials.

Many of the “charities” and private organizations that receive money from private corporations in “honor” of bureaucratic officials are chaired or controlled by the bureaucrats in question.

For example, At&T donated $100,000 to the Blanchette Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute in honor of Sen. Jay Rockefeller.  Rockefeller sits on the board of BRNI as the honorary chairman and can exert tremendous influence over how that money is spent.

Rockefeller also happens to be the chairman of the Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, which regulates the telcom industry.

The most corrupt crony organizations are:

You might be wondering who Mr. Thomas Curry is and why he managed to rake in a cool million from JP Morgan.

Curry’s bio:

Thomas J. Curry took office on January 12, 2004, as a member of the Board of Directors of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for a six-year term. Mr. Curry serves as Chairman of the FDIC’s Assessment Appeals Committee and Case Review Committee.

Mr. Curry also serves as the Chairman of the NeighborWorks® America Board of Directors. NeighborWorks® America is a national non-profit organization chartered by Congress to provide financial support, technical assistance, and training for community-based neighborhood revitalization efforts.

So in other words, Curry is responsible for bailing out bank stakeholders with tax payer money should a bank file for bankruptcy.  More specifically, he reviews the banks that are covered under the FDIC for solvency and financial risk.

The Assessment Appeals Committee (“AAC”) was formed in 1999 and, pursuant to the direction of the FDIC Board of Directors, has been functioning as the appellate entity responsible for making final determinations pursuant to Part 327 of the FDIC’s regulations regarding the assessment risk assignment, the assessment payment computation, and other related assessment determinations affecting insured depository institutions.

So, what does his little charity do?

NeighborWorks America works with several affiliated capital corporations to build partnerships, develop loan products and support financing vehicles that further expand affordable housing opportunities nationwide.

In other words, his charity helps people who should not get loans, because of their horrible credit and income potential, get loans from the mega banks by steering potential loan applicants to government subsidies and handouts.

The top 25 corporate interest groups to democrats donated a total of $340,129,158 in the 2010 election cycle.

The top 25 corporate interest groups to republicans donated a total of $184,510,994 in the 2010 election cycle.

For a list of the top PACs by expenditure for the 2010 election cycle, see this report:

American Crossroads, NRA, McCain-Palin, Free & Strong America, Club for Growth, and the Senate Conservatives Fund are republican in nature, the rest are democratic.

ActBlue $60,367,858
Service Employees International Union $53,996,710
EMILY’s List $33,038,014 $29,049,999
American Crossroads $25,817,254
American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees $19,510,238
American Federation of Teachers $19,060,206
National Assn of Realtors $16,031,376
Teamsters Union $15,152,123
National Rifle Assn $13,974,099
Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $13,893,292
McCain-Palin Compliance Fund $13,498,867
Laborers Union $10,392,340
United Auto Workers $10,195,560
Free & Strong America PAC $8,675,546
Plumbers/Pipefitters Union $8,539,398
Communications Workers of America $8,398,565
Senate Conservatives Fund $8,342,334
Operating Engineers Union $8,210,353
Club for Growth $8,025,071

For a summary of the top crooks that took money directly from lobbyists:

Top 100 Crooks In The House

Top 100 Crooks In The Senate

Given the above information, it seems clear to me that while both parties are in the pockets of special interests, the democrats put the republicans to shame when it comes to being corporate shills.