Minnesota’s Beer Licensing Idiocy Highlights the Insanity and Destructive Nature of Government Regulations

As you may or may not be aware, the Minnesota government has recently shut itself down.  Well… not really.  It shut down all the bureaus that tell private individuals and business owners what they may or may not buy from each other.  At the same time, it left all the violent enforcement agencies for those oppressive restrictions in place.

This has lead to a situation where a major beer producer’s license will expire with no way for them to renew it.  The LA Times writes:

MillerCoors, the maker of Miller High Life and 38 other beers, found itself caught in typical government red tape when it was informed that it had overpaid a state-mandated registration. Minnesota makes brewers register every three years for each product that they sell in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The cost is only $30 per brand, a drop in the bucket to such a brewer, which might be why it accidentally overpaid.

By the time the state notified MillerCoors of the error, and the company had resubmitted the registration and signed a new check with the proper amount, Minnesota’s government had been shut. The state employees who could have approved the registrations were at home, possibly drinking beer, as they had been laid off since the state could not legally pay them.

Let us sit back and contemplate why in the hell a private business has to pay the Minnesota government 30 dollars for the privilege of being able to sell a particular brand of beer in their criminal state.

Who is the government protecting with this racket?  Its citizens?  More like its bureaucrats.  These utterly preposterous licensing laws aren’t protecting anyone from anything.  The bureaucrats don’t even sample the products to see if they are poisonous or not, they just ship out the licenses when they get their “protection” money from the producers.  But even if they did sample the products, what the hell kind of a job is that?

Random Joe:  Hey buddy, what do you do for a living?

Incompetent Overpaid Retard:  I work for the State drinking beer all day making sure Miller isn’t trying to poison us.

What right does the State have to tell private beer producers that they must fork over cash for the privilege of selling beer to willing consumers within their arbitrary geographical region?  This incident highlights the criminal conduct of the State and the true nature of licensing laws.

Licensing laws are ALWAYS instituted for one of two purposes, usually both simultaneously:

1.  To generate revenue for State bureaucrats.

2.  To arbitrarily restrict market competition.

It isn’t just beer that’s regulated in this preposterous fashion.  Barber shops, grocery stores, hell, practically any business imaginable has to obtain permission from the State before it can engage in productive commerce with the serfs who happen to reside within its borders.

Licensing laws are agitated for by the producers themselves.  Consider that the last thing a corporation wants is some other guy coming into their market and engaging in competitive productive behavior.  Drug dealers get so mad about it that they occasionally shoot each other over turf wars.  “Civilized” businesses engage in the same behavior by lobbying criminal State politicians to do their dirty work for them.  This “turf warring by proxy” can take the form of business licenses, zoning restrictions, insurance requirements, taxes, and other arbitrary requirements that colluding business dream up and lobby politicians for.

The primary function of industry lobbies is to agitate for greater licensing requirements and more stringent regulations that make competition prohibitive.  Who do you think came up with the idea for carbon taxes?  A bunch of hippies?  NO!  It was the oil and gas industry who wanted to shove coal producers out of the energy market.  The carbon tax scheme was actually a brainchild of Enron if you can believe that.

This incident should make it clear that the State is nothing but a mafia racketeering agent that major industries use for their own personal gain.

Watch John Stossel explode the racketeering scheme you call government licensing:

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