Terrorists Threaten Little Girls For Vending Without A License

Reason Magazine recently released an article that covers government terrorists shutting down lemonade stands all across the country because the little girls operating them don’t have business licenses.

In one incident, the terrorists actually fined a little girl 500 dollars for vending without a license.  In another incident, communist terrorists shut down a pint sized capitalist entrepreneur because they wanted to protect other business owners from competition – and they readily admit this is the reason why they did it.

local Alderman Peter Stueck:

“It’s certainly not that Appleton is against little girls setting up their cookie and lemonade stands. But the overall intent of the ordinance was to protect the vendors at these events,” said Stueck. “To get a little bit of security to the vendors who were at the events.”

As I’ve stated numerous times before, government licensing schemes are strictly to protect existing business from competition and to generate revenue for the State.  They serve absolutely no other purpose.  At least the alderman was honest enough to admit this is why such laws exist.

The police hate you.  They hate your family.  They hate your friends.  And they will rob your pre-teen daughter blind if she attempts to engage in any capitalist behavior.

Watch the State violate the rights of little girls in this video:

After you are finished with that, watch John Stossel expose government licensing for being the racketeering scheme it is:

  • Vending machine business

    Good article! It puts into perspective how sick these countries are

  • locators

    Ya, This is terrible!!!
    they wonder why their economies are so bad

  • locators

    Absolutly terrible!
    Any wonder why their economies suck so bad