Pig To CCW Holder: “I Should Have Put Ten Bullets In Your Ass And Let You Drop” For Legally Carrying

This is the story of Officer Fuckface who works for the Canton Ohio Police Department.  Officer Fuckface hates you and your family because Officer Fuckface was beaten by his father repeatedly as a child.   This has lead to Officer Fuckface growing up to become an angry, violent, ego-maniacal, self-righteous, arrogant, terrorist who has managed to place himself in a position of illegitimate authority over the civilian serfdom.

Because Officer Fuckface is a violent terrorist who hates people like you, Officer Fuckface recently went ape-shit ballistic when a serf decided to obtain a CCW license and not immediately inform him about the fact he was carrying a concealed weapon.  Ohio law mandates that a CCW holder immediately notify any illegitimate authority figures that they are carrying a concealed weapon if they happen to interact in public.

Of course, Officer Fuckface made it impossible for the serf to immediately inform him that the serf was carrying a legally concealed weapon because Officer Fuckface ordered the man not to talk and continually interupted him when the serf tried to tell him that he was carrying a concealed weapon.

Officer Fuckface and his incompetent cohort had pulled over the serf because the serf had given a ride to a known prostitute that he was friends with (which is obviously not a crime).  In the process of conducting their stop, Officer Fuckface and his cohort did not speak to the driver of the vehicle until after they had conducted an illegal search of his vehicle while leaving him seated in the driver seat.  During the search, the driver (who was the CCW holder) was ordered not to speak and was interrupted when he tried to present his CCW card, which he had in his hand the entire time.

Finally, several minutes into the stop, Officer Fuckface ordered the driver to step out of the vehicle which presented the serf an opportunity to present his CCW card and inform Officer Fuckface that he was legally carrying a concealed weapon.

Upon learning that the serf was legally carrying a concealed weapon, Officer Fuckface told the serf:

“As soon as I saw your gun, I shoulda  taken two steps back, pulled my Glock 40, and just put 10 bullets in your ass and let you drop.”

 “I should blast you in the mouth right now … I’m close to caving in your head.”

“you’re just a stupid human being!”

“people like you don’t deserve to fucking move throughout public. Period!

Unfortunately the Officer’s real name has not been published yet, but you can call to complain about this human turd’s actions by dialing Captain Jack Angelo at (330) 438-4434.

Of course, since pigs don’t care about you or your family, any complaints you lodge will immediately be dumped into the circular file.  No actions will be taken.  No reprimand will be issued.  And no apology will be forthcoming.

Watch Officer Fuckface go on his violent rampage:


LOL at this YouTube comment:

@MrSethAction I just called and all I got out was “Hello, I just saw the video from…” and the cop cut me off with “I know sir, I know, we’ve received thousands of calls but I’m just a patrolman there’s nothing I can do.” So I asked “Do you know if their have been any developments in the case?” and he said he didn’t know. So I ended with “Well, I’m glad you’ve received thousands of calls because it’s the bad cops who give the other 5% a bad name.” and the dumbass goes “I totally agree with u.”


  • Femail

    @Mr.Sethaction, when I call places like this or the white house comment line (202-456-1111), when the people tell me “there is nothing I can do”……I politely remind them that they can WALK AWAY, quit, tell their employer that what they are doing makes them sick and can no longer work for them.  If they continue to work for someone like this, they are helping to destroy this country.

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  • disgruntled citizen

    wow, It should be law that all new officers attend vigorous anger management courses, and every 4 months of their career.  This is just sad.  I understand that “some” people pull guns on them, but I still believe that those people are in the minoroty, too many police officers are overtly paranoid, what ever happened to “reasonable” suspicion?  Ive actually dealt with a cop like this, for walking to the gas station in my neighborhood while a domestic disturbance was happening, I was carrying a baseball bat for protection, so that means i must have been involved.  My story of walking to the store to get cigs was “a lie and didnt hold up”  “I should arrest you right now for lying to me!”  …”could you run the name ##$$##…”  “10 minutes later after being told i looked familiar and was definatley going to jail “no record for #@#@$@###…”  and the victim of the domestic disturbance said “thats not him!”  as I lay on the ground getting screamed at.       man, fuck tha police