If Your Son Kills Himself You May Be Viciously Attacked By Pigs For No Reason

At least that’s what happened to this man in Loganville GA:


Any questioning of the Lord by a mundane will result in being beaten into unconsciousness.

Fox News reports:

LOGANVILLE, Ga. – A man says he called Loganville police to his home for help and ended up being beaten by officers. Kenny Dixon said Friday that he arrived home Wednesday to find that his son had committed suicide.

Crews responded to the emergency, but Dixon said police made one of his family’s darkest days even worse by attacking, then arresting him.

Dixon had black eyes and scrapes on his face Friday, injuries he said he received in addition to his broken heart.


  • Domri

    This is why I oppose Statism. In the system of Statism(communism/socialism/globalism) we exist only for the State. The State is supreme. Some people welcome this into their life. Those of us who do not are beaten down like this man was. It is atrocious that now we are assumed guilty by the State in our darkest moments beyond our control.

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