Adam Vs. The Man Taken Off Air By RT Because Kokesh Endorsed Ron Paul’s Campaign

The Daily Paul has details here.

Apparently Kokesh made comments in support of the Paul campaign, which then put the show into legal jeopardy.

Because RT is a foreign news outlet, it can’t have shows that are actively supporting a political campaign because it would create the appearance of a foreign government supporting a US political campaign.

It really is a great tragedy that was caused by Kokesh simply not having a full understanding of all the millions of lines of US campaign laws.  Unfortunately this may turn into a massive legal headache for RT and the Paul campaign.

A very unfortunate event caused by our statist system of coercively funded government.

  • oooorgle

    RT, government, hmmm. Adam should just start youtubing from his basement. Stefan and Luke could join him as well.

  • Phaedros

    Hmm whatever happened to free speech? U.S. elections affect the world and even if they didn’t, people can have their opinions on them regardless.

  • Someone Who Cares

    How Convenient 
    I’m glad he’s gone.
    He’s a Shill as well as “We Are Change, Svietch and Alex Jones are all gate keepers.

    • oooorgle

      How convenient for Them that you are Someone Who Cares. What solutions do you think people that are looking for change should make?